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Are you creative, analytical, driven, energetic and eager about actively shaping African markets? Then ROAM is the right place for you!

ROAM Connects Africans to Opportunities. We empower Africans through transparency and transform markets through technology.

We embrace diversity and  believe it’s a key to our success: diverse backgrounds and experiences drive innovation. That is why we seek, hire, and retain people from all walks of life, regardless of religion, gender, background or ethnicity. What unites us is our passion for creating a business with real purpose.

We embrace a culture of ownership, impact and teamwork – and most importantly a passion for what we do.

We believe in shaping future leaders and as such we  accept MBA Internships candidates and have professional externship programs on an ongoing basis.

Why Join ROAM?


Every day, we influence thousands of important decisions. We are involved in some our user’s key moments. We help our clients find their first job, house and car; all significant milestones in a person’s life. With us, you have an opportunity to impact people where it matters,and to actively shape the markets we are playing in.

Love your team

You will be part of a diverse team with a footprint across many African countries. We all work towards our shared goals. And we hire and promote the right people. You will interact and build networks with brilliant people who are passionate about what they do.


Be part of a performance-driven culture that fosters inclusion, ownership, communication and impact. We have ambitious goals, driven by ambitious will be challenged, but you will also be rewarded for delivering results.This will help to build your skills and competences and in return your career. We strive to promote from within the company regardless of country or company. This creates unlimited opportunities for pan-African growth within ROAM.


We  strongly encourage new ideas and creativity. We believe innovation is key to long term growth and sustainability. We create environments that foster innovation, creativity and exchange of ideas in shaping the direction of our future. One of the ways we foster innovation in the tech team is by having quarterly hackathons where we encourage building projects with overarching themes in the ever changing digital field.

Meet Our People

Emmanuel Mutuma

CEO BrighterMonday

What is your mission @ROAM?
I am the CEO of BrighterMonday Kenya. My mission is central in improving transparency in the job market in Kenya with a goal of simplifying how Kenyans are connected to job opportunities – thereby improving quality of life. I am a firm believer in teamwork and enjoy serving a large team of young talented individuals whose main purpose is to match talent and opportunities in the market.

What excites you about working @ROAM?
The world is a global community, I am excited to work with a diverse team located in various parts of the world, all with a common ROAM goal of providing platforms that connects Africans with opportunities in a transparent manner. All this is achieved through a very flexible open culture. I appreciate the fact that ROAM has a structure which harvests ideas from all levels of the businesses hence providing solutions that truly build Africa. This environment has kept me very productive hence I grew a lot within the company. I joined BrighterMonday as a junior marketing executive 5 years ago, built a strong marketing team, a leading brand in Kenya and proudly grew to become its CEO in 4 years.

What is your personal passion (outside the office)?
Kenya is a beautiful country. I love exploring various parts of this country whenever an opportunity arises. The diversity ranges from Sunny beaches in Mombasa, A game drive in the Mara, Mountain hikes at Longonot or Mt. Kenya. All great places to unwind. If I am not travelling, I like spending time with my Dogs. They give a good reason to stay fit, through our (almost) daily jogs!

What is your mission @ROAM?
I am a SCRUM Master and Project Manager at ROAM – my mission is to make the working lives of my colleagues simpler. Working with people, process and workflow means that I can assist with removing obstacles, moving things along and working with various individuals to plan how best to do this. I love it! I get to work across teams, countries and websites – so I get to interact with loads of interesting people from different backgrounds on a daily basis.

What excites you about working @ROAM?
Things are changing quickly and growing at a furious pace – that is always exciting to be part of. This also poses a great deal of interesting challenges when it comes to workflow and team dynamics. This ensures that there is a steady flow of intriguing problem-solving and working with teams and individuals to find the best way forward. I enjoy the interpersonal relationships that form part of an organisation’s inner workings. It is delicate, important and constantly fascinating.

What is your personal passion (outside the office)?

The ocean, animals and plants 🙂

Perhaps this is because being outdoors or surrounded by nature is my favourite thing in the world. If I am not at the beach, or on a mountain on weekends, I am at a farm horse-riding, at home hanging with my cats or gardening. These all make for amazing teachers and down-time, good to recharge the batteries (and soul).

Jen Strydom

Scrum Master

Mili Rughani

CEO Zoom Tanzania

What is your mission @ROAM?
I am the CEO of ROAM’s Tanzanian businesses. My mission is to take ZOOM and Brightermonday to the next level. I want the businesses to be known as THE CLASSIFIEDS sites in Tanzania, by making our markets more transparent and the company the best place to work. My mission is to bring the public and private sectors together and take a step forward in creating a Digital Tanzania.

What excites you about working @ROAM?
Tanzania is going through a digital shift and I am excited that I am part of this digital shift via ROAM. The learning curve for me has been huge, every day is a new beginning. ROAM’s mission of connecting Africans to opportunities excites me the most. ZOOM gives people the platform to reach their dreams of becoming Entrepreneurs.

What is your personal passion (outside the office)?
I am very passionate about supporting small kids with learning disabilities, I try to spend time with them over the weekends. My dream is to open a small support center for these kids and support them from all possible angles.

What is your mission @ROAM?
I am the Group Head of HR for ROAM. My mission is to ensure that we have a great work environment for all our employees, and that they are challenged and equiped to maximize their potential. I also ensure that ROAM is legally compliant, has the best practices and standards across the group from a HR perspective.

What excites you about working @ROAM?
The diversity; not many companies give you the opportunity to work with people from so many different backgrounds. The different perspectives that you get, and the vibrancy makes ROAM a great place to work. I love a good challenge and finding innovative and creative ways of solving problems, at ROAM I get the freedom to do that. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the amazing people who I work with on a daily basis.

What is your personal passion?
I love to travel, I try to plan a big trip every year. I believe travelling gives you great exposure and learning. I enjoy being outdoors as well, when I’m not traveling you’ll probably find me gardening somewhere.

Carolyne Mwaura

Group Head of HR

Our Recruitment Process

Internships or MBA/consulting externships: Our programs are the perfect launchpad for a career in the digital field in emerging markets. Our internship program is highly competitive and selective. We have opportunities in Tech, Marketing, Finance, HR and Operations. Internship, Entry and Mid- level candidates are taken through a highly selective three step interview process.

Other vacancies: Candidates are taken through a highly selective recruitment process with a minimum of two interviews and short case studies. We take this a step further for our leaders, who have a minimum of three interviews and are required to take an online aptitude test.

Our Leaders: Leadership candidates are taken through a highly selective recruitment process with a minimum of three interviews, short case studies and an online aptitude test.

How to prepare for the interview:
Do your research and ensure you are fully switched on. But most importantly; if you have been invited for an interview, we are as excited to meet you as you are to meet us. Be your best yourself. The path to mutual success is a two-way conversation, we want to understand the person behind your outstanding resume.

No suitable vacancies for your skills? Looking for an internship during your MBA? Please drop your CV and we will keep you in mind should a suitable position open up. A proven track record and measurable results are a must in your application and will increase your chances.

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